Leanne Simpson Music


Leanne Simpson is one of my favourite writers, and now with f(l)ight she has made one of my favourite albums. These are wondrous, unflinching, thoughtfully built and beautiful songs that will challenge, comfort, inspire and abide.
— John K. Samson
Leanne Simpson strikes a match in the dark of our tangled up history and leaves us with a glimpse that’s as devastating as it is beautiful.
— Jason Collett
These are powerful, important and human pieces that settle up close beside you and tell you things you needed to hear and didn’t even know it.
— Jim Bryson
Leanne has wisdom that feels like a sacred heirloom, harvested from the gardens of those that came before her. Her language is plain and simple and right on. And then the band kicks in again and you’re all in, humming along as one lick turns into three.
— Jennifer Castle
From out of a shimmering sonic utero, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson whispers her poetry like prayers that exhale and incant in a visceral truth telling. This album holds nothing back; it is a testament to the warmth and beauty made possible in how we choose to remember. Lucid, breathing and bone light, f(l)ight defies the gravity of a legacy of attempted extermination and upheaval.
— Moe Clark
Leanne Betasmosake Simpson has created a brilliant masterwork that powerfully honours and bolsters the timeless Anishinaabe art of storytelling while pushing forward to effectively demonstrate its place in an eclectic musical domain.
— Waubgeshig Rice
Listening to these songs is like overhearing one side of a private convesation with various forms of light - children, deer, trees, spirit beings. These songs call of our broken world and create an opening for the light’s response. “I’ll sing to you,” she promises, “until you sing back”.
— Damian Rogers